Today AtlantNIRO is a leading research institute of Russia in investigation of the fishery resources in the Baltic Sea, Atlantic Ocean, South-Eastern Pacific and Western Indian Oceans. The objective of the Institute’s research is creation of the scientific foundation for the rational exploitation and efficient processing of biological resources on the basis of advanced technologies.


The building of AtlantNIRO

At present, about 350 employees (with the crew of two research vessels), including 260 scientists and engineers and 51 with a degree in sciences are working in the Institute. The general administration of the scientific and economic activities of the Institute is carried out by the director subordinated to the Federal Agency for Fisheries.

Scientific and technical potential of the Institute provides solving the following adjacent scientific and practical tasks ordered by national and international organizations at the advanced level:

  • fulfillment of marine expeditions of different aspects (acoustic, trawl, oceanographic, plankton surveys, investigation of the bottom relief and grounds);
  • services on preparation of required reference information on the fishery resources state and fishing conditions;
  • services on supplying fishing vessels with on-line maps of oceanographic characteristics distribution indicating probable locations of commercial fish aggregations;
  • wide spectrum of analytical works in the field of pollution monitoring in the Baltic Sea basins and assessment of industrial contaminants discharge into the water and atmosphere (the Laboratory of the Water Chemical Pollution and Hydrochemistry accredited by the State Standard Committee (GOSSTANDARD) of the Russian Federation;
  • fulfillment of parasitological analysis of fish products (the Laboratory of Parasitology is accredited by GOSSTANDARD of the Russian Federation) and evaluation of parasitological situation in fishing grounds.

The scientific activities of the Institute are performed in two directions – biological and technological. The biological direction includes departments, where scientists are researching exploited and prospective fishery objects and their environment. The Institute is participating in the programs of the following international organizations: FAO, NAFO, ICES, CCAMLR, ICCAT, CECAF, etc.